LED Nightlight - 360-Degree Rotating Design, Energy Efficient, Low Power Consumption, 451 Lumen, 4M Motion Detection


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  • Compact LED nightlight can be easily installed anywhere within your home
  • 360-degree rotating design lets you aim your light wherever needed most
  • 0.5W LED produces up to 451 lumens to light up your room or hallway
  • Motion sensor detects motion up to 4m away

LED Nachtlicht

This simple LED nightlight will lighten up your room and or hallway at night so that you’ll never be left in the dark again. It features an intergraded motion sensor that detects movements up to 4 meters. Whenever movement is detected, this small LED light will switch on automatically. From now on, you’ll never again have to search for your light switch in the dark. This durable light source features a high-end design. It is IP34 rated which means it protected against humidity and slight splashes of water. The light itself brings along thousands hours’ worth of service life. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to enjoy a lit up room for years to come.

What really sets this LED light apart from regular night lights is its 360-degree rotating design. The light itself features a ball shape and is attached to the stand by means of a magnet. This means that you’ll be able to rotate your light and aim it in any direction imaginable. It does not matter where in your room you attach this small LED light, you’ll always be able to aim it at the spot where light is needed most. This little gadget comes with adhesive tape which lets you easily install it anywhere within your home. It runs on a battery so you won’t have to bother with any cables when installing this stylish LED light.

Reaching up to 451 lumens, this night light is capable of illuming a large area. The LED is environmentally friendly and has low power consumption. Additionally, it generates virtually no heath while in use. When in use, it does not produce any UV or IR radiation. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy this light source in a cheap and healthy manner throughout the night. With this 0.5W LED night light in your household, you’ll always be treated with lit up rooms and hallways whenever you move after dark.

This LED light comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets.

    Allgemeiner Kurs
    • Light source: SMD LED
    • Color temperature: 2820k-3200k
    • Max Luminous: 451lm
    • Lichtleistung: 0.5W
    • Induction Distance: about 4m
    • Illumination delay: less than 20 +/-5s
    • Input voltage: DC4.5/5V
    • Work current: less than 120mA
    • Standby-Strom: kleiner als 0.5mA
    • Lebensdauer: bis zu 20,000 Stunden
    • Schutz-Grad: IP34
    • Working/Storage temperature: -5 to 50 Degree Celsius
    • 360 Grad Rotation

    • Hauptabmessungen des Produkts: 85x 85x 55mm (L x B x T)
    • Produkt-Gewicht: 130g
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    • Licht
    • 3M Aufkleber
    • USB-Kabel
    • Benutzerhandbuch

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    Arabic: - ضوء الليل الصمام - Chinese Simplified: - LED 小夜灯 - Czech: - LED noční světlo - Danish: - LED natlys - Dutch: - LED nachtlampje - French: - Veilleuse LED - German: - LED-Nachtlicht - Hebrew: - מנורת LED הלילה - Hindi: - एलईडी रात को प्रकाश - Italian: - Luce notturna LED - Japanese: - LED ナイトライト - Korean: - LED 나이트 라이트 - Malay: - Cahaya malam LED - Norwegian Bokmål: - LED nattlys - Romanian: - LED-uri Night Light - Russian: - Светодиодные ночь свет - Spanish: - Luz de noche LED - Thai: - ไฟกลางคืน LED - Turkish: - LED gece lambası - Vietnamese: - Ánh sáng LED ban đêm
    This LED night light features a 360-degree rotating design and comes with a motion sensor that detects movement up to 4 meters away.